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John and Margery Barrett

Working with Braxton has been a unique and amazingly rewarding experience. Braxton is unlike any realtor we have ever worked with. We thought we had good agents in the past. We have never experienced this level of advocacy, balanced with his generous nature, his tenacity, while masterfully treating both sides of the sale with respect – he never diminished any of our interests, and always strategically moved us toward our goal. When we worried about specific challenges, Braxton made it abundantly clear that he takes the responsibility as the professional and handles every challenge beyond satisfaction (and there were many). No one could have anticipated the problems caused from this Covid pandemic and the complications it created for every stage of the escrow process, and this is where Braxton really excelled. We were so impressed, because every one of the professionals involved with this sale did not seem to know how to handle the added procedures, but Braxton took the lead to track each requirement to its completion and get us to our COE date.

We highly recommend Braxton and confidently believe he will champion any task, because he proved his expertise is more than just talk over and over. His innate love for people shines through and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Braxton-we are so very glad we found you!